by Duff MacDonald



This album is in the works and the tracks listed here are not finished or demo's of future tracks. I have listed them here for opinions and marketing, promotion and reference. This album will be a collaborative effort and done in a proper studio in the coming months. Album art is in the works also.
Enjoy the demo's listed and any opinions are greatly appreciated!

Duff xo


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releases June 15, 2016

All songs written and performed by Duff MacDonald
Demo's all produced on a MacBook Pro/Garageband 2012
© 2012 Duff MacDonald Music



all rights reserved


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Duff MacDonald Toronto, Ontario

Hailing from the wide open prairies of Saskatchewan, Duff has been singing and songwriting since the age of seven. He picked up the guitar at age fourteen and went on to win the Saskatchewan Search For the Stars at age 16. He also was a finalist in the Music City Song Festival in Nashville for his song “Dreamin". His first professional recording came on a CD Compilation entitled “Desolation Sound” ... more

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Track Name: Naked
I lie here in quiet conversation with myself

Talking to the pillow

Where once you asked for help

I try to see right through you

But you are fast asleep

You wake to hear me crying

Have I gone too deep


I am naked

Right before your very eyes

I am naked

Can you sympathize

I am naked

I trust in only you

Will you stand with me …… naked


Friends pass like thieves

And the seasons pass like the waves

Men pass through your door

Like they love you

But why can’t you see

I’ll lose a piece of me

If you don’t stand with me



I am naked

Right before your very eyes

I am naked

Can you sympathize

I am naked

I trust in only you

Will you stand with me

Will you stand before me

Will you stand beside me……..Naked
Track Name: Soul Salvation
When I first met you

You looked at me and said

I’ll help you, and I can carry that

When I first met you

All my dreams rang true

And you asked me for a ride

Now everything that’s old is new


It’s the way you look at me

It’s the way you set me free

In one blink of an eye

Like a lonely soldiers cry

I walked naked through the rain

To wash away my pain

To get over what I ‘d done

You’re my soul……soul salvation


We were meant to be

Forever you and me

I’ll carry you, over my head

We have ups and downs

You spin me right around (right round, baby right round like a record baby..)

Like a kid I’m young again

I want to take your hand

It’s the way you look at me

It’s the way you set me free

In one blink of an eye

Like a lonely soldiers cry

I walk naked through the rain

To wash away my pain

To get over what was done

You’re my soul……………….Soul Salvation
Track Name: This Man Is An Island
Why can't I just accept that this is the way its gonna be
He's never gonna change
No matter how hard I push
No matter where I look
This man is an island

Why can't I just accept that this storm isn't over
That he won't subside
For loss of my pride
Or loss of his love
This man is an island

He won't look back
He won't look ahead
He won't look inside
The mess in his head
He's an asylum
I loved him then
I loved him now
But this man is an island


Repeat Verse 1
Track Name: When I Was Young
When I was young

I floated on by

And pushed aside the clouds

That cried and cried and cried

When I was young

I had it all

My Pa was fair and just

And my Ma wore clothes of gold

When I was young

I skated on by

And learned to try most anything

In the blink of an eye




When I was young

I had T Bone Steak

The fields were golden

And my bones n’re ached

Now I am old –er

And like my great gran said

If you don’t have a crown on you

Then where is your head

CHORUS repeat

So I walk among

Those that lived before

Those that are leaving

Will meet at the same door

CHORUS repeat


When I was young……
Track Name: Daffodils and Your Paper Heart
Oragami heart strings
Instagram memories
Make up this world for you and me
Overboard I am thrown
into a sea of lonely
I see through rose colored glass

Daffodils and your paper heart
You're tearing me apart

Stacks of Hershey kisses
And I am not your misses
Clipping your tiny lucid wings

Daffodils and your paper heart
You're tearing me apart

Texting and sexting
IM and overwriting
Upload and inter-city woes
Do we ever grow
Where do we ever go
Underground and underqualified
Over love

Daffodils and your paper heart
Tearing me apart
Tearing me apart
With your purple heart
Track Name: I'm A Man On A Mission
People tell me I’m wrong

People tell me I’m strange

People tell me to alter the way I am

They don’t know my path

That I’m under the gun

I’m a man on a mission

I have all the goods

It’s under the hood

And I have known it for years & years

I just couldn’t fly

But I have to try

I’m a man on a mission


Cuz I’m a man

I’m a man

I’m a man, with a solid plan (really good plan/simple plan)

A man on a mission


I’m that final poker game

I’m crazy like the king

I’m in that life boat

But I’m not gonna fall

Off my little throne

I won’t at all


So onward I go

Onward to the sky

Nobody can hold my reins

Don’t spit in my eye

Don’t stand on my foot

Get the hell outta my way!

Cuz I’m a man……
Track Name: It's Everybody's Birthday Sometime
It’s Everybody’s Birthday Sometime
Music &Lyrics by Duff MacDonald ©Apr 2012

You think you’re old

But I think you’re young

Its everybody’s birthday sometime

Here’s to the cavemen and the dinosaurs

Its everybody’s birthday sometime

In between New Years and Christmas eve

Its Everybody’s birthday sometime

Jesus, the Easter Bunny and Adam and Eve

Its everybody’s birthday sometime


Ya Ya Ya

Ya Ya Ya

Now we have the botox

And long live the Queen

Its everybody’s birthday sometime

But I could swear I’m older than she!

Its everybody’s birthday sometime

Now I may have forgotten the day of your birth

Its everybody’s birthday sometime

You’re gonna live til your hundred and first!
(OR But who gives a shit, nobody’s blown up the earth!)

Its everybody’s birthday sometime! CHORUS REPEAT
Track Name: Naked World
We come from the sands of time
From a long line of men
Stripped of our genomic stand
And buried in the mud

The stars and the galaxy
We are one and the same
Millions upon millions
We are born on the same day

We are naked
We only have our selves
Do as the Romans do
We are naked
We must go on
We are the chosen few

Stonehenge and Babylon
The Eiffel and the Great Wall
Stand the test of time
But we will live on....

We are naked
We are naked
We are naked
Do as the Romans did.
Track Name: Prairie Home Companion
Somewhere between heaven and here
Lives a boy who wants it all
From the wheat fields of his mind
To the wind of the cold war
Somewhere I lost myself
Like a closet lost a shelf
For the wheat girl called my heart
She ripped it and tore it apart
If I had it all
If I heard the call
If I had that girl
She'd be my very own companion
Almost had it all
Almost had the girl
If I had my way
She'd be my prairie home companion
Track Name: Meine Kinder Zurück (My Children Will Return)
She never imagined that lives would be lost

She never saw them coming

Her three little angels were gone one morning

And the pages left turning


If that’s how you want it

To play this game to start this battle

I won’t lose my faith

I won’t back down, I’ll never give up

I will return again

She tried to imagine a day …without them

The days she lost

With the man she loved beside her fighting

What will it cost?

CHORUS repeat

She mustered up the courage to face to demon

With proof in hand

Her three little angels standing tall inside her

Bound to break the man

CHORUS repeat
Track Name: Into Your Love
In your reflection
I see all of you
In my mind's eye
I knew you too
That dream of a black bird on a wire
Haunts me still
Frustrated I moved on
Suspicion made the kill

I asked for a new plan
Where darkness was light
Where trees weren't withered
And the birds laughed in flight
I sun always smiled bright
And the rain's a good wine
Rejected I faced you
And stepped over the line

Into your arms
Into your heart
Into a love
A love, whoa a love

I have decided
After all these years
That what I had asked for
Fit like kid glove
Weathered the winter
And walked over the coals
Swam through the rapids
But there's one thing I know

The moon can stop winking
Mother earth she'll dry up
Her eyes can stop crying
And her heart cease to pump
The stars can stop shining
But we may not see
It's a million light years
Not for you or for me.